Radio interview about Philosophy Field Course

This is just to announce my recent interview on CFRU's  Pioneer Radio. The show follows roughly the same format as This American Life. Each week they choose a theme which is covered in several acts. In this week's episode, The Powers that Be, I discuss the ways that scientific evidence is understood from the perspectives of  industry, environmentalists and First Nations.

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I love this image from the program. 
It might remind some field course participants of the last night on Tonquin Beach!

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  1. Great stuff! And the various postings on the blog are tremendously thought-provoking. What would be really interesting would be some feedback from some of the groups mentioned, especially the ones whose policies/philosophies have been questioned. There are numerous philosophical and practical themes in these posts that could be pursued in all sorts of ways in future courses, posts and public dialogues. I'm really impressed by the depth of the issues with which the course has managed to connect.